The recent meteoric rise of Doge and Safemoon turned many heads in the DeFi space over the last weeks. Safemoon climbed over 10,000x from its lowest to highest price in just 40 days according to CoinMarketCap, reaching over $7B Fully-Diluted (FD) Market Capitalization (MC) at its peak, before correcting down to $2B. This immediately prompted many clones attempting to ride coattails to the top. However, while Safemoon skyrocketed due to great token mechanics cloned from (RFI), it lacked substance from any underlying DeFi platform like swap, vaults, lending, funds, and so on. … ($COT) hosts a platform to DeFi the $85 trillion global funds industry with blockchain. It’s the first live multi-chain platform to decouple fund management from custodianship. CoTraders withdraw their assets anytime from their smart funds, which offer transparent proof of their chosen copied Traders’ performance onchain. The platform connects others — private pseudonymous actors called Traders and Co-Traders — to each other

CoTrader is launching Liquidity Mining (LM) on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) on April 30. LM often has a 10–100x growth effect on token price, Liquidity Depth (LD), and Total Locked Value (TLV). …

Bancor Protocol is the world’s first AMM DEX.

AMM DEX is an “Automated Market Maker” Decentralized EXchange comprised of smart contracts called converters. Converters are always available to process token conversions — for instance, to trade tokens AAA for BNT, at some price determined by the reserve ratio of AAA to BNT contained in a “relay” token, which is a type of “smart token” that sits between AAA and BNT, and is generally referred to as AAABNT.


This article summarizes key aspects of the Bancor Protocol and provides calculations that take place in — an unrestricted open source portal…

Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸 to DEXs & DeFi 🎉 RIP CEX exchanges ☠️ USA blocks Binance to USA. CoTrader to expand Bancor access of its DEX from anywhere, without a server, without a domain; without anyone operating them whatsoever. More “DeFi” dapps coming next week! releasing open DEX UI using Bancor. You can use from any

web3 browser:

Mobile TrustWallet deep link to dapp:

The current version enables anyone to add tokens to the Bancor network.

By the end of the weekend, anyone can trade tokens and liquidity pool relay tokens, to earn from exchange volumes.

  • This article assumes you know some key concepts of DeFi (eg Ethereum smart contracts, AMM DEXs, pools, yield farming, etc). enables anyone to create or join a DeFi fund onchain.

  • Traders (fund manager users) can only manage funds, but can’t withdraw other users’ (investors’) assets from them.
  • CoTraders (investor users) deposit into accepted crypto-assets (ETH, COT, DAI, etc) into the funds, in return for fund shares, and can redeem — withdraw their share portion of tokens — anytime.

All fund activity (trades, pools, stakes, loans, etc) is done onchain. …

In a recent study, Algowave and EndorScience (EDR) together generated cryptocurrency coin predictions at a reported success rate of over 80% by utilizing the Social Physics theory invented in MIT. The two companies have decided to enter a 24 month collaboration.

You can get the Algowave app here: This article or app is not financial advice. The app predicts that certain coins in the next 1–2 weeks, will go up or down in volume by 25%. If you’re wondering why the company doesn’t use this information only for themselves: there are likely still other factors at play in creating…

CoTrader is giving out over 10,000,000 tokens in winning prizes at and 50% referrals of everything!

Mobile App

First your need to download the app here:

In the app, go to “Contests” tab.

Play every day you use the app you get 500 tokens for choosing tokens.


First, you’ll need to register with 1 click at

10M CoTrader COT tokens = 10 ETH ($1000 as of Dec 2018)

Every day you get 300 tokens just for choosing a coin

Every day you can win 6000 tokens * 365 days = 1,460,000

Every week 40,0000 * 52 weeks…

CoTrader is releasing investors contests at This serves the company’s original mission to help discover talented investors and traders by incentivizing the entire world to try their investing skills in ways that enable others to follow the best.

Such social trading is popular in platforms like eToro, which raised $100M for this. Such platforms would be able to create indexed funds from these contests. Other platform, like CoTrader’s own world’s first decentralized fund management onchain, live at can also create funds from these best contest performers.

What’s nice about contests is that they immediately reward the investors, rather… is live! $1M hardcap might be very attractive as the platform is already live on mainnet, and now a contests products is about to launch as well, where people can earn large prizes if their crypto and stock pics performs the best.

Everyone can play for free, but can win 1000x larger prizes if they spend a little to buy a contest tickest.

Buy backs with all platform revenues are used to send COT prizes to the best traders, who you can follow!

Sending ETH to 0xe74D3bFBd4cB4bCfDeaea79f6c47B13FEB6A073F returns locked CoTrader COT tokens. has a new hero: Binance’s CEO CZ Binance explains: projects don’t have to pay anything to get on Binance (can give any amount to charity, though)! Other exchanges may likely follow! #Binancelisting coins by merit is good for good projects and, the community and the world! We never thought we’d be so excited about a centralized exchange, but this is a game changer.

CoTrader will be empower it’s traders to manage transparent blockchain powered investment funds that can enter investors, called cotraders, into safe pre/ICOs smart sales called DAICO1s. CoTrader is therefore especially interesting in building up the DAO1…

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