Bounty program, win over 10M tokens
2 min readDec 21, 2018

CoTrader is giving out over 10,000,000 tokens in winning prizes at and 50% referrals of everything!

Mobile App

First your need to download the app here:

In the app, go to “Contests” tab.

Play every day you use the app you get 500 tokens for choosing tokens.


First, you’ll need to register with 1 click at

10M CoTrader COT tokens = 10 ETH ($1000 as of Dec 2018)

Every day you get 300 tokens just for choosing a coin

Every day you can win 6000 tokens * 365 days = 1,460,000

Every week 40,0000 * 52 weeks = 2,080,000

Every month, 160,000 * 12 months = 1,920,000

Every 3 months: 500,000 * 4 quarters = 2,000,000

Every year: 2,000,000

Telegram Bot

Use it here:

You must go through the steps in our telegram bot, follow, like and share our social posts there (Twitter, FB, Reddit, YouTube, Medium, Instagram, LinkedIn)

You’ll get 2 times 2,500 tokens for 2 rounds of these tasks.

Bounty Site

Every time you help spread the word and like or share any of our social posts you’ll get 200 tokens per post. We will soon have a bounty site where you can pull your tokens, share social tasks, and earn tokens every time you do it. You’ll see that in the mobile app soon. You can start liking and sharing posts now, and we’ll be counting them all and rewarding for it.


You get 50% of EVERYTHING that you referrals get.

For example, if one of your referral gets 10M tokens, you’ll get 5M!