2 min readJul 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸 to DEXs & DeFi 🎉 RIP CEX exchanges ☠️ USA blocks Binance to USA. CoTrader to expand Bancor access of its DEX from anywhere, without a server, without a domain; without anyone operating them whatsoever. More “DeFi” dapps coming next week! releasing open DEX UI using Bancor. You can use from any

web3 browser:

Mobile TrustWallet deep link to dapp:

The current version enables anyone to add tokens to the Bancor network.

By the end of the weekend, anyone can trade tokens and liquidity pool relay tokens, to earn from exchange volumes.

In a few days, you’ll be able to grab the code from bittorent or github, and just double click to run it. It won’t need a server, or even a domain, for you to access all core functionality — adding tokens, trading them, and earning your part of token exchange volumes.

— About CoTrader —

CoTrader is the worlds first live non-custodial investment funds marketplace where anyone can create or join a crypto fund, and investors can withdraw their own assets at any time. Fund managers can not withdraw investors’ funds, but, rather, only trade with them, and use them in defi dapps.

The platform now uses Kyber to trade. Soon it will expand to several exchanges using DEX aggregators from Totle and others.

We’re almost finished adding several defi dapps for our fund managers:

Compound, Uniswap, MakerDAO, and then looking to add things like bZx/Fulcrum, Set, Synthetix and others as they come up, as options for fund managers.

CoTrader’s mission is enrich people’s lives with increased financial freedom.

Happy 4th, Independence Day, freedom lovers everywhere!

(*1) As fans of Binance, we’re sad to hear their main exchange has shutdown USA citizens, but they have a US arm to service those clients.