How investor contests can radically improve financial decisions though crowd wisdom
2 min readNov 4, 2018

CoTrader is releasing investors contests at This serves the company’s original mission to help discover talented investors and traders by incentivizing the entire world to try their investing skills in ways that enable others to follow the best.

Such social trading is popular in platforms like eToro, which raised $100M for this. Such platforms would be able to create indexed funds from these contests. Other platform, like CoTrader’s own world’s first decentralized fund management onchain, live at can also create funds from these best contest performers.

What’s nice about contests is that they immediately reward the investors, rather than requiring large AUM’s to create large payoffs. Contests can serve as onboarding for larger funds, managed in effect by those that might consistently perform in, say, the top 10% of all investment contests.

CoTrader is onboarding people to try their luck by incentivizing them a bit with free contests. Winners can win $100 in vested tokens.

CoTrader also let’s people buy in with $2 per contest. If there are 100,000 players, the winners, such as the top 50%, 10%, top 10, top 1, earn increasingly large prizes in tokens.

CoTrader takes the $200,000 entrance paid in ETH and FIAT and buys its COT vested tokens with it, to give to the winners as prizes. If the users keep some of those tokens, great. If they sell them over time, that’s ok also, since CoTrader bought them in the first place, removing them from the market for some time.

CoTrader is having it’s token sale now, limited to a $1M hardcap.

The investment funds market is an $85 trillion market. Of course, we’re not going after the entire market at once. But you can do the math.