Liquidity Mining the COT MultiChain Token and its DeFi Funds Platform ($COT) hosts a platform to DeFi the $85 trillion global funds industry with blockchain. It’s the first live multi-chain platform to decouple fund management from custodianship. CoTraders withdraw their assets anytime from their smart funds, which offer transparent proof of their chosen copied Traders’ performance onchain. The platform connects others — private pseudonymous actors called Traders and Co-Traders — to each other

CoTrader is launching Liquidity Mining (LM) on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) on April 30. LM often has a 10–100x growth effect on token price, Liquidity Depth (LD), and Total Locked Value (TLV). This article will give the background on the platform, its fees, tokenomics, token utility, and then explains the upcoming innovative LM program and roadmap.

CoTrader — World’s First DeFi Co-Trading Platform

Live on Multiple Chains

It enables the Traders to manage CoTraders’ BSC BEP20 & Ethereum ERC20 tokens without holding them. CoTrader cryptographically proves fund values.

It supports tokens, pools, staking, yield farming, liquidity mining, and any DeFi legos, including those representing stocks, derivatives and any assets

Smart Funds

Trader’s can set their own performance fees, eg 20%, from what they earn their CoTraders. The platform applies a “karma” principle & takes the same %, eg 20% of 20%, or 4%

CoTrader MultiChain Token


BSC New Tokens: 0, aside from those minted & burned moving to & from the ETH/BSC bridge


100% of COT to COTUSD (rebase, elastic stable) swaps are burned, at a 1 to 1 ratio, according to their % holding from the total COT supply.


50% is burned

25% is distributed to DAO for operations (eg offering LM — Liquidity Mining)

25% is distributed to a DAO voted development wallet

10% of fund AUM will automatically buy COT & COTUSD — an elastic rebase, a stable unit of account, planned for May 2021

Token Utility

2 Access COT based funds and the fund shares marketplace

3 Unit of account measure — Measure of fund values for fund shares trading

4 Stake — Fixed & floating rewards programs for locking & providing liquidity

Liquidity Mining & Market Protection

  • 1-step total DeFi process will accept BNB, and automatically buy COT, pool it, stake it, and compound it.
  • The team is given no tokens on BSC to sell. The team is rather incentivized to increase token price & volume in an ongoing sale:
  • 1-sided pool sale available for anyone with COT, on BSC, which will:
  • reduce slippage while:
  • auto adding LD to pools as it:
  • splits buys from Swap DEX aggregators at market prices.
  • Other large holders will be able to deposit into this 1-sided pool, to remove the need to sell abruptly on markets.


May 2021 — Platform on more chains: Polkadot, Polygon, others

June 2021 — Fund admin roles (owner, admins, traders)

July 2021 — DAO Funds — vote based trader actions

Aug 2021 — Algo Funds — trader-adjustable algorithm based funds

Sep 2021 — AUM based funds for lower gas fees on Ethereum

Oct 2021 — Explore privacy-preserving options

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Uniswap — Good APR with large deposits

Bancor — High APR spikes